SEATED BUDDHA A highly unusual polychromed wood figure of the Buddha, seated in padmasana on a raised lotus pedestal, his hands resting in dhyanamudra, the face meditative and serene beneath a raised chignon formed of ridges arranged in lines, crowned by a flame usnisha; the facial details carefully delineated in black, red and flesh-coloured pigments, wearing a sanghati with simple pleats and a long, central sash falling to the waist. The careful manner in which this sculpture has been decorated, not unlike Sri Lankan Buddhas of the period, with multiple layers of paint, suggests that it might once have been a treasured image in a family shrine. For a related example from Vientiane - albeit lacking its elaborate decoration - please see pages 243 (top left) in S. Lopetcharat, Lao Buddha: The Image and Its History, Bangkok: Siam International Book Company, 2000. Price: £2,500 LAOS, PROBABLY FROM UDOMXAI PROVINCE, NORTH OF LUANG PRABANG. SECOND HALF OF THE 19TH CENTURY. H. (INCLUDING FINIAL). 57 CMS, 22 ½ INS.